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The Bickz range includes a flexible Wellmax composite midsole. Just like a steel midsole this composite midsole protects the entire base of the foot against sharp objects penetrating through the sole. The range incorporates composite safety toe caps.

• Protection in accordance with AS/NZS 2210.3.
• Broad and flexible; full protection and comfort for the foot.
• Anti static qualities of the midsole remain intact.


Anyone who thinks that style, comfort and safety don’t go together really should find out more about Bata Industrials new concept in safety shoes. Bickz is a technology based product that uses the latest in composite materials to provide outstanding protection for your feet. Light in weight and fully flexible, Bickz performs comfortably in industrial and professional environments. Functionality, safety and design truly meet as one in the new Bickz collection from Bata.

  • 901
  • 902 Black
  • 903 Wheat
  • 904
  • 905
  • 907
  • 909
  • Boa 991
  • 951
  • 952
  • 754
  • 755
  • 752
  • 753

  • Bickz Footwear Technology

    1. Composite (non metal) safety toe cap approved to Australian Standards AS/NZS 2210.3
    2. Composite penetration resistant midsole
    3. Comfort PU footbed insole
    4. Breathable moisture absorbing linings
    5. Premium leather uppers
    6. Padded collar
    7. Padded tongue
    8. Cushioned phylon midsole
    9. Durable heat, abrasion, oil and acid resistant
    rubber outsole
    10. External TPU torsion stabilizing shank
    11. Anti-static
    12. GRIPS High grip herringbone rubber sole


    Refer also to the Mondopoint size system and the special measurement gauge for taking correct foot size measurements.


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