Our History


The story of Bata began on September 21, 1894, when it was founded by three siblings in the Czechoslovakian town of Zlín. They were the eighth generation of Bata family shoemakers and were innovators from the start, replacing the traditional one-man workshop with a 10-person (soon to be 50) enterprise.

Less than 10 years later, Baťa produced 2,200 pairs a day, and to accommodate demand, they introduced mechanized production techniques, including the first steam-driven shoemaking machines and initiated a period of rapid modernization that allowed the company to become one of Europe's first mass producers of shoes.

In Zlín Bata built a factory, for their workers and provided its workers with housing, schools, hospitals, libraries, and recreational facilities for their families. Because Tomáš Bata believed that business had a responsibility to its employees. This concept would be recreated in other parts of the world in the years to come.


From Austria to Zambia, Bata stores set a standard of quality based on superior products, value for money, and unparalleled service.

While each store is uniquely designed to fit its location, all offer a spacious, comfortable and hospitable shopping experience. From the capital cities of Europe to the rural villages of India, the Bata name guarantees the best shoes at the best price backed by the best service.


Bata Shoe Company of Australia Pty Ltd was first established in Seaford, Victoria Australia in 1961. After enjoying a great amount of growth the company relocated to larger premises in Mornington Australia where production commenced in 1981, and this still remains our Head Office location today. The Australian company is registered as a quality endorsed company complying with ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 2210.3 standards and is proud to be part of the worldwide organization. With a strong industrial focus, the company manufactures and wholesales over a million pairs of footwear each year through its industrial and wholesale retail business streams.