Astro - Secondary & adult sizes

Astro - Secondary & adult sizes


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Astro is one of our most popular schoolshoes, this distinct schoolshoe has leather uppers, padded collars and the unique EVA/Rubber outsole. These are one of the most lightweight and comfortable schoolshoes we have, the EVA/Rubber outsole also gives them a great all day comfort and soft feel.

Article number 824-60894
Brand : Bata
Color : Black

  • Action Leather
  • Wide fit

Sizing Information:

  • See 'kids sizing charts' tab for more information
  • See also 524-60894 for Astro primary / secondary school sizes
Sizing information

All shoes in in UK / Aus sizing, unless marked otherwise 

Fore more information about our sizing, and our school shoe sizing see our sizing chart information page.

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