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Flyte school shoe/jogger features Twin Velcro and action leather.

it's a jogger designed for everyday School wear.

Upper Upper
Mesh  Action Leather
Outsole Outsole
Mesh  Non Marking Rubber
Insole Insole
Mesh PU Antibacterial footbed
Lining Lining
Mesh Polyester Lining


Article number 356-60950
Brand : Bata
Color : Black

  • Action leather
  • Twin Velcro
  • Sneaker / School shoe hybird 
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Non marking outsole
  • Antibacterial footbed
  • Cushioned rubber sole

Sizing Information:

  • Size 9 -13 is UK KIDS sizing
  • Size 2 - 5 is Standard UK YOUTH sizing

see the sizing chart link below for more information

Sizing information

All shoes in in UK / Aus sizing, unless marked otherwise 

Fore more information about our sizing, and our school shoe sizing see our sizing chart information page.

Kids / School shoes sizing



Work boots sizing

Ladies sizing

 - Gumboots order 3 sizes down, e.g ladies US 10 = UK 7

 - Workboots order 2 sizes down e.g Ladies US 10 = UK 8

Mens / Womens sizing

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