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Since 2011, Solemen has saved the livelihood of approaching more than 3000+ people in Bali.


Please adopt a SoleTeddy who is Solemen’s angel of HOPE. By doing so you are automatically helping support Solemen’s work for the disadvantaged in Bali. Please post photos of him in his new home or surroundings once he’s settled in.


Yayasan Solemen Indonesia alleviates the misery of extreme poverty by bringing hope and sustainable solutions to those who remain hidden from public view and hence are separated from easy access to medical treatment.

Solemen assists people living with disabilities, mental health disorders and acute or chronic illness and their families throughout Bali. Solemen assesses and addresses their immediate challenges; develops a sustainable plan based on individual family needs; and engages with local communities for their support to optimise outcomes.


*100% of the proceeds go directly towards changing lives in Bali through supporting this Bata Children’s Program initiative.


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